Prince George Spray Foam Insulation Sample

Prince George Spray Foam Insulation

Quantum Foam is excited to announce they are bringing spray foam insulation to Prince George and all of Northern British Columbia! We’ve opened up shop to help people insulate their homes better, save money on their energy bills, to provide a quieter, more comfortable home, and cleaner air quality inside your house!

Healthier Home

Did you know a home with spray foam insulation is a healthier home? Traditional fiberglass insulation can contain formaldehyde – which it continuously emits after installation. Some studies have even found these emissions from traditional insulation to exceed standard safety limits! Going with spray foam helps make your home a healthier place

Amazing Sound Control

While primarily designed for it’s insulating qualities, spray foam applications actually provide significant sound dampening for any home. The most drastic noise dampening occurs when a home is completely air tight. The super soft nature of spray foam not only provides an extraordinary air seal, but also absorbs secondary reverberations providing you with excellent sound dampening properties up to 75% quieter.

Cost Effective Insulation

Naturally one of the first questions people have is how much will the insulation cost? A better way to put it would be “how much extra will I pay for heating each year without it?”  or “how long will it take to pay back?

Energy Savings

Did you know that spray foam insulation can drastically reduce your energy bills, whether it be heating or cooling? Whether you’re building a new home or renovating find out how spray foam can help by clicking here.

Healthier Home

Unlike traditional insulation, spray foam contains no health risks, while keeping allergens, insects, rodents and mold at bay in your healthier home, while ensuring superior air quality. Find out more about this – just click here.

Comfort & Luxury

Make your home more comfortable with spray foam. The sound deadening abilities of spray foam means you won’t hear your neighbours fighting next door – plus cold drafts will be completely eliminated.

Green Living

Spray foam insulation reduces your carbon footprint by slashing your energy usage; it is also environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional insulations, spray foam insulation is free of all HFAs, HCFCs, HFCs, and formaldehyde

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Spray Foam Savings

While saving on heating and air conditioning costs are only one of the many benefits of spray foam insulation, it’s also the one most people are interested in. The question is, how much can a person reasonably expect to save by using spray foam? The answer is honestly: it depends. It depends on whether you are building new or renovating. It depends on what state your current insulation is in. The best we can do is estimate from experience. The largest savings are realized on old homes where most of the insulation is already compacted, or has settled to the bottom of the walls. With that in mind, here is something for thought…

  • New Home Savings 42%
  • Old Home Attic Insulate Savings 50%
  • Complete Old Home Reinsulation Savings 65%