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The Best Rhino Linings in Prince George


A Rhino Linings® Spray-On Bed Liner is a rugged, non-skid coating that will bond directly to your truck bed, boat, trailer, etc. While forming a permanent airtight layer that’s abrasion and impact resistant. The Rhino Lining is also water-tight, helps reduce general wear, and provides a more stable surface with better texture and traction.


Rhino Linings Benefits


The tough lining allows for extreme scratch, gouging, and impact protection. It also greatly reduces general abrasion and other common derogation such as rust.

Slippage Reduction

The ultra-efficient, textured surface enables you to have much better control of the items in your truck bed by greatly reducing cargo slippage.

Fits Perfectly

One of the best things about the spray on lining is that it will fill the cracks and corners of the surface, providing excellent coverage while providing a permanent air and water-tight seal that helps prevent corrosion and rusting.

Lasting Quality

Because of the added durability, the surface will now last much longer and will not peel, crack, or warp, even when put under great temperatures.
Recently had quantum rhino line my truck bed… They did an excellent job, made my box look brand new again. Service was top notch, I had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances but they did it a day early for me, even went as far as to pick my truck up. Will definitely be going to Quantum again.
Jordan Levasseur

Rhino Linings Benefits

Rhino Linings don’t just look awesome, they actual have some pretty awesome benefits. Here’s a brief list to get you excited…We can colour match our Rhino linings to almost any colour – 100,000 different colors and counting! Benefits…


  • Toughness – heavy resistance to impacts, dings, scratches and all-around wear and tear. Keep your vehicle in shape and looking beautiful!
  • Reduced Slippage – stop items for sliding around in your box the second you put your foot into the throttle!
  • Colour Matching – we can match almost any colour – over 100,000 different shades and counting!
  • Lasts Longer – permanently seals out water and air ending your corrosion problems once and for all!

Custom Rock Guard

Quantum Foam and Rhino Linings repaired the rocker panels of this well-loved plow truck, and colour matched the Rhino Lining to make this beauty better than new!

Custom Rockers and Hood

This beautiful truck in Prince George, BC now has some absolutely awesome custom rockers and hood design – thanks to Quantum Foam and Rhino Linings

Scratch Resistant Lining

This jet boat received a heavy-duty Rhino lining coating inside and out. We sprayed a deep cherry pearl UV resistant top coat that will shine for years to come.

Seamless Coating

Sometimes the easiest solution is to just visit Quantum Foam & Rhino Linings. This RV was having a tough time with a leaky roof and service, so we gave it a solid seamless coating.

Truck Bed Rhino Liner

This truck bed got a solid and durable coating of Rhino Liner that will keep it in shape for years to come. Non-slip and wear resistant means a lifetime of service.

Rhino Lining Advantages

Because our Rhino Lining is 100% polyurethane, it ensures ultimate protection unlike the alternatives that offer a polyurethane/polyurea blends. By using the Rhino Lining blend, it allows the lining to stretch more than three times its length before breaking under pressure. And regardless of how tough your vehicle is, the bed is still its worst enemy as it is still subjected to corrosion and degrading inflicted by salt, water, acids, and other such chemicals. But Rhino Linings’ seamless, air and watertight bond offers the best protection against corrosion.


100% Polyurethane

Rhino Linings For All Circumstances

We’ve done a lot of Rhino Lining over the years, from boats, to entire vehicles, campers, trailers, quads and pretty much everything in between. We’d love to have a talk with you to discuss your project – it’s usually quicker and easier than most people imagine. Give us a shout today.
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