Concrete Leveling & Slab Jacking


Bringing Your Concrete Back Up To Spec


Quantum Foam in Prince George offers slab jacking for all your concrete leveling, void filling and soil stabilization needs. Comparable to mud jacking, this is a quick and permanent repair process for correcting settled and unstable concrete. We can fix everything from sidewalks, Industrial concrete pads, all the way up to large foundations. We also offer Pressure Grouting, Void Filling and Leak sealing in culverts and Man holes. 





Before – Concrete joints out of level, visible stress cracks in settled concrete, joints exposed causing further erosion. 


Final product – Driveway Lifted and Levelled, Holes filled and colour matched to existing concrete & Joints sealed to avoid further water intrusion.

Concrete Leveling / Slab Jacking Benefits

Quick & Convenient

Because the foam cures extremely quickly, you have no down-time or wait time before you can resume your work. We get in, fix your concrete, and you can be up and running within the hour.

In Place Repair

Because we will repair your concrete in-place, there is minimal disruption to the surroundings or landscaping. You don’t need to  move anything away from the foundation – it’s all done in place.

Saves You Money

Repairing an existing concrete foundation or structure will be vastly cheaper than trying to re-pour a new concrete pad or foundation. It is an inexpensive fix for what would otherwise be a very expensive problem.

Long Term Repair

Unlike mudjacking, foam slab jacking is impervious to washout and water intrustion. This makes foam slab jacking preferable if you’re not looking for a quick-fix that may not last.

Did You Know?

It’s nearly impossible to match concrete color once the original batch has been poured? This means that if you don’t want people to know you’ve had concrete settling problems, the best thing to do is to fix any issues with slab jacking. This helps maintain your home’s curb appeal by limiting the mismatch problems associated with pouring a new slab.

What a great group of people to hire. They like to work with the clients and thy even came in early to spray my house. I also had a stressful situation going on and they were very sympathetic to it and were able to work with us. What an enjoyable experience. Would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat. Thanks guys and girls. Chris Moe

Concrete Leveling / Slab Jacking Foam Advantages

Slab jacking using the traditional methods (mud jacking) add a lot of weight in cement grout – up to 140 lbs per cubic foot! When your concrete is already shifting and settling, adding this extra weight is just asking for trouble. Spray foam slab jacking weighs a mere 4 lbs per cubic foot while being extremely durable. Using Quantum Foam in Prince George for your slab jacking just makes sense.

  • Spray Foam Slab Jacking Weight Increase
  • Traditional Slab Jacking Weight Increase

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