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Ice Dam represent 40-50% of new insurance claims related to winter.

Winter is here in Northern BC and with it comes Ice Dams – buildups of ice on a roof that can cause extensive damage. Ice Dams represent 40-50% of new insurance claims related to winter. Here’s what causes Ice dams, the damage they can do, and how you can reduce the risk.

Ice Dams are areas of ice that form on the outer edge of the roof.

  1. They develop when heat rising from an attic (0 deg Celcius or higher) melts the snow outside
  2. Water then trickles down to the eaves and gutter where temperatures are colder
  3. There, the water refreezes creating icicles and trapping ice underneath the shingles.

Additional melting water can seep through the roof and exterior walls. Typical damage caused by Ice damming includes

  1. Loose and Damaged Shingles
  2. Wood Rot
  3. Broken Gutters
  4. Wet insulation
  5. Damage to interior Finishes such as drywall
  6. Mold and Mildew growth

DID YOU KNOW- IT costs over $6,000 to repair a roof damaged by Ice Damming? Snow Storms caused nearly $2.3 BILLION in insured losses in 2014

THE SOLUTION Quantum Foam’s preferred product – Elastochem Extreme closed cell Spray Foam meets and exceeds the Canadian Air and Vapour Permeance standards. this means our Spray Foam Insulation not only insulates, but also SEALS OFF any air leaks that may be causing an Ice Dam. In turn our spray foam reduces the potential for mould causing water damage all the while helping reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs!


For more information on how Quantum can help mitigate ice dams on your roof, contact us at 236-423-0080 or email our office at [email protected]

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The Quantum  Difference

  • Home Retrofit Energy Savings 65% 65%
  • Old Attic Insulation Savings 50% 50%
  • Improved Vehicle Durability (Rhino Lining) 75% 75%
  • Vehicle Rust Inhibition Improvement 88% 88%

We love it when our existing customers refer us new ones. We do our utmost to guarantee you’re happy with the job we’ve done, be it on your home, vehicle or jobsite.

Dave Sorokovsky

President, Quantum Foam