Industrial Coatings and Linings 

Industrial Coatings and Linings

Quantum Industrial Solutions specializes in 100% solids coatings as well as thin film coatings to meet the needs of our clients. With a variety of specialized equipment, we apply coatings available from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. Our coatings are engineered to meet all industrial requirements from corrosion and abrasion resistance to anti-slip applications.


Industrial painting services are also available, particularly where specialized materials are needed to match the environment.


Let Quantum help match your requirements with the right coating to protect your equipment from harsh process and environmental conditions.


Select Coating Materials and Characteristics:
Epoxy – Wide range of systems for both corrosion and abrasion applications
Epoxy Novolac – Two component coatings for severely corrosive environments
Polyurea – Plural component coatings with excellent impact, tear and abrasion resistance
Polyurethane – Coatings to protect against weathering, UV and environmental corrosion
Acrylic – Solvent or water based single component coatings
Anti-slip – for floor and deck surfaces where slip hazards are present
High Temperature – for corrosion resistance at high temperatures (500oC)
100% Solids – Build desired thickness with less coats, reducing inter-coat adhesion issues.




Application Methods


Brush and Roller
The simplest method of applying a coating, but skill is necessary to ensure consistent coverage. Dry brushing is always a concern with fast drying products.


Conventional Spray
Air is used to transfer the coating from the pot and to atomize it as it exits the gun. Provides operators with flexibility in material application and is an excellent method for coating small, complex shapes.


Airless Spray
An excellent system for applying coatings to larger areas in a consistent fashion. As with all methods, operator skill and knowledge is critical for a quality outcome.


Industries Served


– Offshore / Marine
– Oil and Gas
– Oilsands
– Water Treatment
– Chemical Processing
– Fertilizer
– General Industry
– Waste water
– Power Generation
– Pulp and Paper.

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